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Play To Win

We play sports to win.That may qualify as the most obvious statement of 2018.But, what exactly does winning look like?The answer is not as obvious as it seems. There are at least three potential definitions:Winning is about defeating your opponent.Winning...

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Youth Coaching: 4 Ways Coaches Fail Their Players

Coaching youth sports presents a unique opportunity to mold the hearts and minds of young people. Youth coaching should be especially focused on helping athletes do two things of great importance: work hard and work together. In recent years, youth sports has been...

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The Glory Of The Role Player

Athletes often struggle with the tension between playing within their ability and pushing themselves to expand their game. Although the desire to improve is essential for any athlete, this drive must be tempered by a self-awareness of one’s ability. A...

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Summer Sports Camps at Christendom College

This week, Sports Vision was featured on the Christendom Athletics website as one of three main groups facilitating sports camps at Christendom College this summer. Utilizing Christendom College's beautiful and functional facilities, these summer camps for basketball,...

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