What do the camps offer?

Our basketball camps focus on skill development, gameplay, and individual & team competitions.

Our Skill Stations aim to improve fundamentals like shooting, ball handling, passing, defense and overall game situational performance. Those learned skills are then applied to structured gameplay and competitions.

What is the skill level requirement?


There is no requirement and we welcome all skill levels to our camps.

What should I bring to the camp?

Water bottle. Light Snacks. Lots of energy.

Our camp sessions are shorter (3-5 hours) so outside of a water bottle and snack, you only need to bring yourself, your energy, and your desire to take your game to another level.

Are there any competitions or games at the camp?

Our camps are heavily focused on competition-driven stations and gameplay.

We promote humility, hard work, and respect and let competition fuel our camp culture.

How many campers attend a camp?

15 – 25 Players.

The number of campers varies, but we aim to create a ratio of 1 coach to every 10 campers. This allows us to dedicate individual attention to each player and facilitate multi-player activities.

Is there any player analysis during the camp?

Yes, we send each player home with a “Player Report” outlining ‘strengths + weaknesses’.

This player report will evaluate each player’s performance in the Skill Stations and in competitive/group gameplay.

How much does a camp cost?


Prices may vary for early bird specials, sibling discounts, and team/group discounts.