Watch this interview with Beth Waller and What Matters as Sports Vision co-founder, Jeremy Minick, shares insights into the vision of Sports Vision, as well as details about the sports camps coming up this June! 

Spread the word about this fantastic opportunity for children aged 4-18 in Warren County from July 11-15 and July 18-22, 2018. Camps include Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball and Multi-Sport (offering both co-ed and gender based camping opportunities complete with generous multi-sibling discounts).

The VISION of “Sports Vision” Camps:

Sports Vision trains athletes to truly “see” the game. Our goal is to equip players with the necessary skills and training they need to be able to:

Make Plays

We help you learn how to identify weaknesses in your opponent, capitalize on mismatches, and make plays & decisions proven to win games.

Think Like A Coach

We help you understand your sport from the perspective of a coaching, giving you the knowledge “you wish you would have learned years ago.”

Inner Vision

We train athletes to see sports for more than just the Xs and Os. We help build your character and develop your leadership by focusing on:

  • Fundamentals – We focus on the fundamentals that drive performance and get results.
  • Virtue & Faith – We emphasize values and faith at every stage of athletic development, aiming to shape young men & women into leaders.