2020 Camps Update

We are actively evaluating whether or not we will be able to hold camps this summer.

Please continue to check back during June for updates and/or like our Facebook page to stay updated.

This past Thursday, Sports Vision founders Joe Walsh and Jeremy Minick were featured on the River 95.3’s Sports Dogs “After Hours” radio show, hosted by Randy Woodward and Clint DeHaven.

Walsh and Minick had the opportunity to dialogue with Randy and Clint about a range of sports topics, including basketball playoffs, NHL playoffs, and the NFL draft.

During the show, Walsh and Minick shared their vision for Sports Vision’s summer camps (click here learn more about these camps). They were also able to share insights into the long term plan for Sports Vision, illuminating that Sports Vision will do more than just run camps and will be a brand for athletes everywhere.

Jeremy Minick & Joseph Walsh talk about Vision Sports camps

by Sports Dogs After Hours

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